Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SNRE students receive URSA travel and project awards

Two students with the School of Natural Resources and Extension received spring travel awards from URSA, the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity program at UAF.

Trisha Levasseur received funding to attend the National Environmental and Recreation Research Symposium April 2-4 in Annapolis, Maryland, and Zoe Marshall received support for exploring sustainable agriculture in Delta Junction.

Levasseur will present a poster on data analyzed as part of a large visitor survey conducted with Associate Professor Pete Fix this past summer. Marshall said she used the money to pay for a trip to Delta Junction, where she interviewed Bryce Wrigley as part of a case study she is writing for the Principles of Sustainable Agriculture course and as part of her senior thesis coursework. Wrigley operates a 1,700-acre farm that grows barley, which his family processes into barley flour and barley cereal at its Alaska Flour Company mill.

Two SNRE students also received spring project awards. Kelly Schmitz received an URSA Spring Project Award to study the nutritional effect of willow on reindeer calf growth, and Kimberly Diamond is studying the factors impacting the dormancy and viability of Prunus padus (bird cherry) seeds. Zoe and Kelly are seniors.

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