Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Distance-delivered classes offered this spring

Students may take distance-delivered classes with the School of Natural Resources and Extension this spring on horticulture, GIS programming, nutrition and soil chemistry. The graduate natural resources management seminar will also be distance-delivered.

All are offered through UAF eLearning and Distance Education or from SNRE directly.

Classes through eLearning include horticulture, GIS and nutrition. Emeritus Horticulture Professor Pat Holloway will teach two one-credit horticulture classes, Plant Propagation I, Seeds and Seed Germination, and Plant Propagation II, Vegetative Propagation. Professor Dave Verbyla will teach GIS Programming and Professor Roxie Dinstel will teach Nutrition Across the Lifecycle, which are three-credit classes.

Plant Propagation I, NRM 150, will run from Jan. 17 to Feb. 28 and will cover the botany of seeds from flowering to seed development, methods of seed germination, and the germination of wild and cultivated seeds. A course in basic biology, botany or plant science is recommended as background.

Plant Propagation II, NRM 151, will run March 21 to May 2. The course will cover the principles and practices of plant propagation useful in horticulture botany, forestry, agronomy, vegetation and land reclamation projects and plants research. The course will cover propagation methods and will emphasize Alaska native and economically useful plants. A high school course in biology is recommended as background.

Holloway will also teach the one-credit Plant Propagation Practicum from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 8-11, which will not be distance delivered.

GIS Programming, NRM 638, will include programming for ArcView, Arc/Info and ArcGIS. It will include programming techniques for customizing GIS, efficient batch processing, and development of custom tools for GIS display and analysis. An introductory GIS course such as NRM F338 or equivalent is a prerequisite.

Nutrition Across the Lifecycle, NRM 393, will explore nutritional information based on age groups of people. It uses current research to explain the nutritional foundations necessary for the growth, development and normal functioning of individuals in each stage of their lifespan.

See more information about the classes at Anyone interested in the eLearning classes may register through eLearning or through UAOnline.

Other SNRE distance-delivered classes offered through UAF this spring include:
• NRM F692 Natural Resources Management Graduate Seminar
• NRM F466, Environmental Soil Chemistry

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