Thursday, May 12, 2016

SNRE celebrates 2016 UAF graduation

Josephine-Mary Sam smiles after receiving her doctorate. At left is
 Associate Professor Susan Todd. UAF photo by J.R. Ancheta

At Sunday’s UAF graduation, students of the School of Natural Resources and Extension received seven bachelor’s degrees, eight master’s degrees and five doctorates.

John Duffy, Miho Morimoto and Josephine-Mary Sam received Ph.D.s in Natural Resources and Sustainability. Benjamin Gaglioti and Archana Bali were awarded doctorates in Interdisciplinary Studies. Bali was awarded her degree posthumously and it was received by her mother during the ceremony.

From left are new graduates MacKenzie Stamey, Kirsten Williams and
Christin Anderson with Professor Dave Valentine
John Duffy’s dissertation is titled, “What Variables Foster the Adoption and Implementation of Sustainable Practices by Local Governments” and Josephine-Mary Sam’s dissertation is “What Community Characteristics Lead to the Successful Outcome of Rural Water Projects?” Their major professor was Associate Professor Susan Todd.

Miho Morimoto’s dissertation is titled, “Past, Current and Future Forest Harvest and Regeneration Management in Interior Alaska Boreal Forest: Adaptation Under Rapid Climate Change.” Her major advisor was Emeritus Professor Glenn Juday. Bali’s dissertation is titled “The Study of Human-Caribou Systems in the Face of Change: Using Multiple Disciplinary Lenses.” Her major professor was Professor Gary Kofinas.

Other degree recipients included:

Miho Morimoto poses with Professor Glenn Juday after receiving
 her doctorate. UAF photo by J.R. Ancheta
Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management
Jared Conrad
Brent Culleton
Brandy Flores
Katherine Mihalczo
Elle Robbe
Michael Sybert
Kirsten Williams
Master of Science in Natural Resources Management
Andrew Allaby
Christin Anderson
Gabriela Halas
Brooke McDavid
Eric Schacht, Natural Resources Management and Geography
Emily Sousa
William Wilkins II
Melissa Woodgate


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