Friday, January 23, 2015

UAF poinsettias provide color at governor's inaugural ball

The colorful floral extravaganza on display at the Fairbanks version of Gov. Bill Walker's inaugural ball Jan. 24 is on loan from the SNRE horticulture program.

Volunteers wrap up a poinsettia plant to transport from UAF to the Carlson Center.
Hundreds of beautiful red, cream and mixed poinsettias are being used to decorate the Carlson Center for the soiree. It is one of a series of balls the governor is hosting around the state from January to March.

Event organizers Hoa Brickley and Betsy Engle heard from friends about the poinsettias grown at UAF in the Arctic Health Research Greenhouse and approached Professor Meriam Karlsson about borrowing the plants.

"They look better than I expected," Brickley said. "I didn't expect big ones. This will be the first time we have decorated with poinsettias in January."

Karlsson and her students study the poinsettias for color, size, nutrients and light and temperature responses. They are used in research and instructional activities.

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