Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teachers have opportunity to use agriculture in the classroom

An Ag in the Classroom Workshop will be offered this summer, giving teachers the opportunity to incorporate lessons about agriculture into their classrooms.
The workshop will take place June 3-6 at UAF. The course is titled  "Enhancing Agricultural Literacy for Regular Education, Gifted and Special Education Teachers."
Incorporating agriculture into the classroom is easy and fun! Here students learn where in Alaska agriculture products are grown or raised. (UAF photo by Deb Segla)
SNRE faculty and staff helping with the workshop include Professor Milan Shipka, Interim Dean and Director Steve Sparrow,  Jennifer Robinette of the Reindeer Research Program, Assistant Research Professor Jan Rowell, Research Technician Bob Van Veldhuizen and Extension Agent Steve Seefeldt. Instructors are Marilyn Krause, science teacher at Ryan Middle School, and Melissa Sikes, Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District natural resource education specialist.

This will be an introduction to resources available through the Alaska Ag in the Classroom program. Participants will learn interdisciplinary methods, including science technology, engineering and math, to teach principles of agriculture.
There will be field trips to farms, school and community gardens and Chena Hot Springs Resort.
The cost is $190. UAF credit is available. The cost is the same but for two credits there is more work after the course is finished. Sign up with the Education Department to get continuing education credits, CRN 52234  ED F595-F02 for one credit, or  CRN 52236  ED F595-F03  for two credits. Attendees may also sign up with the School of Natural Resources and Extension, CRN 52231  NRM F595-F01  for one credit, or CRN 52233  NRM F595-F02 for  two credits.
Register online with UAF Summer Sessions or call 907-474-7021.

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