Thursday, January 20, 2011

Agroborealis winter 2010/2011 issue out

The newest Agroborealis has been released! Issue 41 covers arctic marine shipping, climate change, food security, biomass fuels, and revegetation, among other topics. (To download a PDF of this issue, click here or on the cover image.) Articles are:

"AMSA: the future of arctic marine shipping" (staff report)
With more shipping traffic in the north and greater marine acces due to the retreat of arctic sea ice, the arctic states needed to develop a strategy to protect the maritime Arctic, its people, and the environment. The Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment was commissioned in 2004 and resulted in several policy recommendations. A followup workshop held at UAF in late 2009 was held to find suitable ways to implement the recommendations in the Assessment.
"Changing the forest and the trees—is it climate?" by Glenn Patrick Juday
Sunspots, sun cycles, El Niños, La Niñas, atmospheric oscillations, greenhouse gases: climate change has begun to affect the boreal more than any other forest region. (This article is also available as a separate PDF pullout publication.)
"OneTree in the Tanana Valley," by Nancy Tarnai
OneTree: Take one entire tree and make everything you can out of it—including science and art education.
"Observing the trees: Forest Dynamics and Management," by Jingjing Liang and Tom Malone
The program monitors the growth and change in Alaska's forests, looking at forest health, characteristics, and regeneration.
"Alaska's food (in)security," by Deirdre Helfferich and Nancy Tarnai
Alaskans have become aware that their food security is precarious—and they're doing something about it. This article provides an overview of the Alaska Food Policy Council, Slow Food, community food and health organizations, CSAs and subscription agriculture, and school gardens and farm-to-school programs in Alaska.
"Leafhoppers and potatoes in Alaska," by Alberto Pantoja, Aaron M. Hagerty, Susan Y. Emmert, and Joseph E. Munyaneza
In Alaska, potato production accounts for 14 percent of total agricultural crop revenues, but the insect pests that can affect them are poorly understood.
"You are my Sunshine!" by Anita Hartmann
The author took up the challenge: to make a beer brewed with Sunshine Hulless Barley, developed by AFES and released in 2009.
"Reindeer market project makes history!" by George Aguiar
For the first time ever, reindeer are 4-H project livestock.
"Security of the red meat supply in Alaska" by Thomas F. Paragi, S. Craig Gerlach, and Alison M. Meadow
Red meat for Alaskans, like other aspects of the food supply in the northernmost state, is dependent upon Outside sources.
"Salmon and alder: gasification of low value biomass in Alaska" by Shawn Freitas, Andres Soria, and Cindy Bower
Converting Alaska-specific biomass into a volatile hydrocarbon mixture could offset fuel use in remote locations.
"Unlocking hydrocarbons from biomass" by J. Andres Soria
In the world of renewable energy, biomass is the sole source capable of producing hydrocarbons, the raw material needed for fuel, plastics, making the variety of products that maintain the economy.
"Carex spectabilis: a sedge for landscaping and revegetation in Alaska" by Jay D. McKendrick
Establishing groundcover on barren ground can be a challenge in Alaska; an indigenous sedge from St. Paul Island may provide a solution.
"Horace Drury: in memoriam" by Nancy Tarnai

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