Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SNRAS faculty speak at arctic science conference

Four professors from the school are making presentations at the 2008 American Association for the Advancement of Science Arctic Division Conference Sept. 15-17 in Fairbanks. “Growing Sustainability Science in the North: The Resilience of the People in the Arctic” is the conference theme.

Gary Kofinas, associate professor of resource policy and management, is discussing Integrated Graduate Education and Training in Sustainability Science at UAF: The Resilience and Adaptation Program. Dr. Kofinas is also moderating a session on Policy, Sustainability Science and Adaptive Governance.

Daniel Mann, assistant professor of geography at UAF, will talk about Prehistoric Changes in Climate, Landscape, and Large Mammal Faunas in the Arctic Foothills, Northern Alaska.

Patricia Heiser, assistant professor of geography, will discuss Integrated Records of Holocene Landscape Change: A Holistic View of Vegetation Response to Climate, Geography, and Disturbance in Southwest Alaska.

Nancy Fresco, network coordinator of the SNAP program, will present the Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning: Landscape Management Collaboration and Planning in a Climate of Change.

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