Monday, August 25, 2008

Alaska Grown challenge: Eat local for a week

Try it, you'll like it! Alaska Grown is sponsoring an Alaska Eat Local Challenge ("Local farmer seeks tasty relationship."), encouraging people to:

• eat at least one home-cooked meal this week with mostly local ingredients
• use at least one local ingredient you've never tried before
• try "brown-bagging" at least one meal, primarily made with local ingredients
• talk to at least one food retailer or producer about local food choices
• choose local food products whenever possible

The website lists the following benefits of eating locally: helps supports local farmers and farm economy; helps to keep you healthy; helps the environment by cutting down on excess transportation and "food miles"; and helps build community. The site also lists what's in season, farmers markets across the state where you can find fresh, locally grown food; and related events.

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