Thursday, July 31, 2008

UA Geography Program to host Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Conference

The UA Geography Program is hosting the 2008 APCG Annual Conference; the meeting will be held at the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel & Conference Center, Fairbanks, Alaska, October 8th - 11th. Keynote speakers will address many of the dynamic geographic, historical, and political issues unique to Alaska and the Circumpolar North, among them:

• Wednesday October 8, Opening session. Keynote address by Dr. Terrence Cole, Professor of History, University of Alaska Fairbanks, “Crooked Past: The History of Fairbanks, Alaska, A Frontier Mining Camp.”

• Thursday October 9, lunch and keynote address by President Mark Hamilton, University of Alaska System, “Alaska’s Role in the Circumpolar North and Pacific Rim.”

• Thursday October 9, APCG Evening at the University of Alaska Museum of the North (reception and museum tour), and keynote address by Dr. John Walsh, Director, Center for Global Climate Change and Arctic Systems Research, “Climate Change in the Circumpolar North.”

• Friday October 10, lunch and keynote address by Mr. Mead Treadwell, Chairman, United States Arctic Research Commission, “US Arctic Science Policy in a Time of Change and Challenge.”

• Friday October 10, Awards Banquet and Presidential Address, and an “Evening with Pamyua: Tribal Funk in the Last Frontier” - a unique blend of traditional Alaska Native music with a twist of a cappella funk.

Field trips are planned for the Large Animal Research Station, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and Chena Hot Springs. Information on the Call for Papers is available at the UA Geography website. Paper abstracts are due August 10 and poster abstracts are due September 7, 2008. For more information, please contact the UA Geography Program.

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