Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alaska Climate Change Strategy meetings

The Alaska Climate Change Mitigation Advisory Group met on Tuesday at the Geophysical Institute Globe Room to go over policy options lists in the following areas:
• Forestry, Agriculture, & Waste Management
• Cross-Cutting Issues
• Energy Supply & Demand
• Oil & Gas
• Transportation & Land Use
Today, the Adaptation Advisory Group met, going over these catalogs of policy options:
• Public Infrastructure
• Health & Culture
• Natural Systems & Associated Economic Activities
• Other Economic Activiities
These meetings are part of the Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet's efforts to come up with a list of policy options for adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change in Alaska. These lists, or catalogs, will be prioritized and from them a set of recommendations developed for the governor to form a climate change strategy that will function, in the words of Larry Hartig, Sub-Cabinet chair, as "a living document reflecting the best knowledge on the effects of climate change in Alaska. It will be of great use to Alaskans by conveying state plans for adaptation to warming as well as presenting realistic approaches to mitigating the root causes of climate change."

The Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning is actively involved in these efforts.

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