Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Economist analyzes Alaska resource issues

Read about the economic research conducted by Professor Joshua Greenberg in the newest Agroborealis Research Highlight.

As the natural resource economist for School of Natural Resources and Extension, Greenberg studies the effects of resource policies and develops economic models. Recently, he developed a series of business plans for Savoonga to consider whether to develop a commercial reindeer business. Greenberg has specialized in fisheries, but he has studied many other resource issues, including the feasibility of raising musk ox for qiviut, the economic value of reindeer range, the peony industry, sustainable livestock production and carbon sequestration. The Agroborealis Research Highlight describes his work over the past 30 years.

Two additional Highlights were posted this year. One highlight describes recreation research by Pete Fix, an associate professor with the UAF School of Natural Resources and Extension. Fix and two other recreation researchers have developed a cost-effective approach that will be used nationally to evaluate visitor experiences on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

A second highlight looks at Greg Finstad’s reindeer research and outreach, which has focused on helping develop a local red meat industry. Finstad is the program manager for the UAF Reindeer Research Program and teaches High Latitude Range Management classes through the Northwest Campus in Nome.

Agroborealis Research Highlights are published online twice yearly by the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and School of Natural Resources and Extension at The two-page highlights are downloadable.

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