Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Two SNRE students receive URSA Project Awards

Natural resources management students Kimberly Diamond and Trevor Schoening will receive 2018 Spring Project Awards from URSA, the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity program.

The program awards up to $2,500 to students planning to conduct research or pursue creative projects during the spring semester. Twenty UAF students will receive awards this spring.

According to URSA, Diamond will recruit volunteers who drive and bicycle to campus. The volunteers will be asked to monitor environmental, economic and social costs of their daily commute. This data will be used to compare the commuting methods and inform community decision-making.

Schoening said he hopes to get a better understanding of where food production is taking place around Alaska. He plans to use the directory provided on the Alaska Grown website to find farmers markets and will ask for a list of vendors to contact for production information. Schoening said he hopes to get data regarding where produce is grown, the types of produce grown and roughly how much (in pounds) is being produced annually by each grower. He will use GIS to create regional spatial maps for different regions of Alaska. Schoening said his project is admittedly pretty ambitious but he hopes to hire other undergraduates to contact farmers markets and producers.

Diamond is a senior and Schoening a junior with the School of Natural Resources and Extension.

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