Friday, April 24, 2015

Honoring SNRE students

This is the time of year when we honor our top students, and we certainly have outstanding ones to honor this year. Kathryn Carter received the Bonita J. Neiland Scholarship, which is awarded each year to an NRM student in honor of Dr. Neiland, who was director of instruction and professor of land resources management and botany in what was then the School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management. Olivia Lunsford was selected to receive the Society of American Foresters (SAF)/Richard W. and Margery Tindall Scholarship, Camila Roy received the SAF Walt Begalka Memorial Scholarship and Jessica Herzog is the recipient of the Mike Hoyt Society of American Foresters Scholarship.

Kerstin Phoenix won the Fairbanks Garden Club Scholarship, which required her to present to the members at a garden club meeting, where she told them about her ambition to go into development of therapy gardens. The members were so impressed they will nominate her to be the representative from Alaska to compete for a national Garden Club Scholarship. Our outstanding student this year is Katherine Milhalczo, who was selected by the faculty not only because she is outstanding academically, but also because of her numerous other activities at UAF. She will be recognized at the annual UAF Student Awards Breakfast this spring. If you know or happen to meet any of these students, please take the time to congratulate them as they all are truly outstanding students.

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