Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer worker sought for BLM resources planning position

SNRE is working with the Bureau of Land Management to hire a student to work on two resource management plans that are currently being developed. Tasks include:
  • Summarize scoping comments for Central Yukon Resource Management Plan, working with Microsoft Excel document, summarize comments for insertion into the Central Yukon Scoping Report.
  • Assist in developing content for a newsletter for the Central Yukon RMP reporting the results of scoping and availability of the scoping report for distribution to mailing and email list.
  • Help maintain and update mailing list for Central Yukon RMP and Eastern Interior RMP in Excel.
  • Assist in developing written responses to public comment on the Eastern Interior Draft RMP. Comments are in Comment Works software, but could be converted to Microsoft Word.
  • Assist in developing a newsletter for the Eastern Interior RMP summarizing public comment on the draft and updating stakeholders on progress of the RMP, schedule.
  • Develop materials for posting on the Eastern Interior and Central Yukon RMP websites in PDF format and that are accessible for visually impaired.
  • Research for background and historical documents for Central Yukon RMP; convert to electronic format suitable for posting on websites; Summarize background information for Central Yukon RMP.
The applicant should have experience analyzing qualitative data, synthesizing results from data analysis, and writing reports. Familiarity with the Environmental Impact Statement process and the Bureau of Land Management's planning procedures is desirable but not necessary.

The position could be 20 to 40 hours per week, depending the applicant’s availability, with duration dependent on the hours worked per week. The pay rate is $17.21/hr.

For additional information contact Peter Fix, School of Natural Resources and Extension, 907-474-6926.

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