Monday, January 6, 2014

Master's International student posts photos from The Gambia

SNRAS Master's International student Samantha Straus is nearing the two-year mark of her Peace Corps service in The Gambia. She recently sent photographs to show what life is like for her in Africa.

Samantha Straus with Gambian local learning how to test water quality in honey. They used a refractometer calibrated for honey.

Constructing beekeeping equipment.

Samantha Straus with her host mother, Dado, at Kaur school for a garden training.

Samantha Straus with village children. The boy with his hand on his heart, Musa, helps haul water for Straus.

Samantha Straus works alongside friends during a beekeeping workshop, preparing to hang the Kenya Top Bar.

Straus and her host sister paint a hand washing mural at the school kitchen to encourage students to wash hands before eating.

The SNRAS Master's International program allows graduate students to earn a master's degree in natural resources management while serving in the Peace Corps. Straus writes about her time in The Gambia in her blog, Banto Faros.

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