Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SNRAS/AFES names employee of the quarter

Nancy Tarnai
Nancy Tarnai, the publication information officer for SNRAS and AFES, has been selected as employee of the quarter. This program, which recognizes excellence in the workplace, is coordinated through the dean’s office.

Tarnai received multiple nominations for this award.  One nomination said, “Nancy approaches her work with optimism and energy. She is our best representative to the community concerning the good work we do.”  Another nomination stated, “The articles Nancy writes and the information she gets out to the public help keep the school and station connected with the community. Nancy’s work isn’t just professional, it is personal; she loves what she does and truly cares about the students, staff and faculty of SNRAS/AFES.”

Tarnai came to SNRAS/AFES in August 2008 after a lifetime of newspaper reporting and public relations work for everything from the world's largest hang gliding school to a nonprofit in Fairbanks that provides services to people with disabilities.

Tarnai takes the pulse of the school and station and shares it every way she can, by writing newspaper articles; posting to the school blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.; helping coordinate and cover events; getting public speaking, radio or TV interviews for faculty; pitching stories to media; representing the school and station to the UAF campus and the community at large; and oh yes editing/proofreading posters, papers and reports. (No poster gets past Nancy unscathed.)

Growing up on a farm in Alabama, she spent a lifetime "escaping" from her upbringing. Upon landing at SNRAS/AFES, she felt she had come home. Mucking about with reindeer, showcasing our greenhouse or tromping through the forest make Nancy really happy.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, taking yoga classes, walking, watching movies, cooking and traveling. She is known for her baked goods in the O'Neill third floor reception area.

"There is no perfect job but this one is close,” Tarnai said. “I believe in SNRAS/AFES's mission and the people I work with are wonderful. I love how faculty, staff and students get along so well. It is a privilege to work here. There is literally never a dull moment!"

To nominate a SNRAS staff member for employee of the quarter, contact Interim Dean and Director Stephen Sparrow or Michelle Pope, Executive Officer.