Saturday, October 5, 2013

Forest Festival draws record numbers

Alice Orlich was named Belle of the Woods (second year in a row) and Pete Buist was Bull of the Woods.
The 16th annual Farthest North Forest Sports Festival drew a record number of participants today, both at the Fairbanks Experiment Farm and Ballaine Lake.

The lumberjack-stye competition is hosted by SNRAS's forest sciences department and the student group Resource Management Society. A special thanks this year to Northland Wood and Herbert Baxter for donating all the wood needed for the events.

Besides the large number of attendees, this event was notable for some other memorable moments. The massive birling log floated away and was nearly across the lake before the foresters decided it needed rescuing. Take-charge bystanders Rebecca Finger, Sophie Gilbert and Timothy Bartholomaus raced to a nearby house and borrowed a canoe. They rescued the log just in time for the birling competition.

During the birling, a first was noted when one of the competitors stripped nearly naked for his part of staying aright on a log in the chilly lake.

The overall winning team was decided with an extra event, pounding nails into a log. The three-way tie between the Wood Chips, Schaeffer Cox Freedom Riders and the Lumber Jerks was broken when Pete Buist of the Wood Chips pounded the nails in 14.40 seconds.

It was another successful event, with happy competitors, observers and volunteers.

Team, Wood Chips (Pete Buist, information officer with ehte Alaska Interagency Coordination Center at Fort Wainwright; Glen Holt, UAF Cooperative Extension Service forester; Jim Smith, Department of Natural Resources forester; Paul Keech, DNR forester; Jason Buist, DOD firefighter/EMT for Fort Wainwright Fire Department).

Ax throwing: male Mike Potter, female Kelly Gitter
Bow saw: male Adrian Behr, female Alice Orlich
Pulp toss: Lumber Jerks
Double buck: Jason Buist, Pete Buist; Victoria and Kelly
Double buck Jack and Jill: Victoria Smith and Jason Theis
Log rolling Jack & Jill: Dustin and Jenna
Log rolling males: Scotty and Jens
Log rolling females: Alice and Colleen
Campfire building: the Wood Chips
Birling: male John Harley, female Teri Anderson

Log rescue team.

Alice Orlich demonstrates exceptional grace while birling.

Nina Schwinghammer and Adrian Baer go to town building a campfire.
Jenna Carlton, left, and Mary Beth Alison try log rolling.
Jason Theis does the pulp toss with style.

Taylor Altenburg participates in the ax throw.

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Al_askan said...

Big thanks go out to the organizers and volunteers for making this happen. It is always such a delight to see Fairbanksans come out on a crisp fall day to test their mettle.

Please give us a heads-up next year if you need help planning, building, gifting, and breaking-down. A very small group of people put on a very memorable event and there are many of us who would love to assist.

Alice O.