Monday, September 16, 2013

SNRAS launches new website

The SNRAS website has a fresh new look. Designed by UAF Marketing and Communications, the site is the first on campus to completely mesh with the new UAF brand.

A team of SNRAS staffers tackled the project in January and has worked closely with Marketing and Communications web developer Jenn Baker throughout the process. Baker is seeking input from the public about the new website.

Please take a moment to review the redesigned School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences (SNRAS) website and complete a brief survey at this URL: If prompted by the dialog box "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" click "No."
Please provide feedback using the survey at the bottom of the test page by Friday, Sept. 20. Feedback will be used to make improvements to the recent redesign.

Comments so far have been very positive:

 "Congratulations. It is quite beautiful and inspiring: growth, sustainability, discovery, progress and quality of life. I can get behind those things," said Assistant Research Professor Janice Dawe. "I'm glad ther'es such a school as SNRAS with this vision and scope."

"It looks great," said Raaj Kurapati, UAF associate vice chancellor. "Kudos to the team that worked to put it together. I particularly like the 'Inspiring' lead off."

"It looks fabulous," said Professor Pat Holloway. "The content has improved. There's lots of room for more content but I think it is grand."

Recent alumnus Garrett Altmann got in touch from New Mexico to say, "This updated website looks really good. Great job! This is a huge step in the 'reinventing' of our school and I think it will be well received by the UAF administration."

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