Thursday, July 18, 2013

SNRAS researchers participate in NSF training

The National Science Foundation taught UAF researchers and information officers how to better communicate science July 17 in an all-day workshop.

"It's like sipping water from a fire hose," said presenter Dan Agan of Panthera Group. "We will teach you to signal the value of what you do."

The intensive workshop included rapid-fire training in pitching a proposal to funders, practicing TV interviews, using Twitter, fine-tuning messages, giving sparkling public presentation, making videos and blogging.

Representing SNRAS were Professor Elena Sparrow, Professor Gary Kofinas, Research Assistant Professor Janice Dawe, Nancy Tarnai (public information officer) and Watcharee Ruairuan (graduate student).

Dawe and Sparrow attended the second day of intensive training for faculty on July 18.

Alaska EPSCoR helped sponsor the training.

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