Monday, July 29, 2013

Grain growers invited to farm forum

Grains at the Fairbanks Experiment Farm.
Interior grain growers (and would-be grain growers) are invited to the Fairbanks Experiment Farm on the west edge of the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus Wednesday, July 31 at 6 p.m.

"We want to learn what they have done," said Steve Seefeldt, UAF Cooperative Extension Service agriculture and horticulture agent. "We want to find out how many people are growing grain and if they have had success."

The forum is a followup to a workshop held last August at the farm, when Seefeldt and UAF School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences professors and technicians shared tips on how to grow barley and oats in the Fairbanks area.

Seefeldt thinks there may be five or six growers who are raising grain but he doesn't really know. "I am hoping people will come even if they didn't grow grain but are going to in the future," he said.

Guests should turn off of West Tanana Drive onto the southern road that crosses the railroad tracks. They will get to see the grains that are about to be harvested at the experiment farm.

For more information contact Seefeldt at 474-2423 or Bob Van Veldhuizen at 474-5222.

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