Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Botanical garden hosts mud day

Children will be encouraged to get dirty Sunday, June 9 at the Georgeson Botanical Garden during a free mud day event. A pit of mud will be available for everyone to squish their toes in or roll in from 1 to 4 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to bring towels and an extra set of clothes. Cleanup stations will be available.

Volunteer Andrea Chlupp is organizing the event because she wants to get kids outside. "I hope to draw the community out and have fun in the mud," she said. "It'll be free play for anyone."

There will be areas for toddlers (just a couple of inches of mud) and deeper areas for older children and adults.

"I hope children can learn to play together in an unstructured manner, to explore and enjoy and awaken their curiosity," Chlupp said.

Volunteers are excavating a hole and will clean out rocks and branches to keep the area as smooth as possible. "Then we'll just add water," Chlupp said.

The garden is located at the farthest west edge of the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus at the Fairbanks Experiment Farm, 117 W. Tanana Drive. Call 474-7222 for more information. The mud pit will be in the children's garden.

Chlupp hopes to make this an annual event.

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