Thursday, May 2, 2013

SNRAS student crossing the pond for next school year

Anastasia Brease
Anastasia Brease, a senior geography student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, will spend the next school year as an exchange student at the University of Sussex near Brighton, England.

Brease grew up in Denali National Park, where her parents are employed, and graduated from Tri-Valley High School in Healy. She was Alaska’s Junior Miss in 2009, which earned her a full college scholarship. Starting out at UAF, Brease thought she would eventually transfer to another school but fell in love with the Fairbanks campus and people. While she initially studied political science, after taking a geography class she switched majors and is now pursuing a bachelor of science degree in geography.

Interest in the University of Sussex goes back to high school days, when Brease received a pamphlet in the mail. “It inspired me,” she said. Intrigued by the geography offerings there, Brease is also excited to live near the coast and to get to travel. “I’ll be near the tunnel to France,” she said. “There will be all kinds of environments to experience.”

She’s going to take trans-nationalism and identity and a field course in coastal management. “I will get an incredible perspective,” she said.

Before she goes to England, Brease will spend this summer teaching marine biology to high school students in the Alaska Summer Research Academy and will also work as a seasonal ranger at Denali National Park and for the student ambassador and a member of the Choir of the North and the UAF Dance Team. She enjoys astronomy and traveling.

“Besides the education I hope to expand in social situations,” she said. “I have grown here at UAF and this will give me more opportunities.”

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Kate Wolstenholme said...

I am a Sussex Uni Geographer graduating this summer after spending Fall Semester at UAF! I am really keen to keep up the UAF-Sussex network that seems to be developing - so if you see this Brease, get in touch with Erica Iseri for my contact details! Kate Wolstenholme :)