Monday, March 4, 2013

SNRAS student to serve internship at University of Oregon

Tayesia Nick
Tayesia Nick, a junior studying natural resources management, has been accepted for a summer internship with the Alaska/Oregon Research Training Partnership. She will focus on viruses and bacteria.

Nick, who hails from Pilot Station, is excited about spending the summer in Eugene, Ore., and learning about new aspects of natural resources. “I’ll get to learn about the other side of life, the molecular,” she said.

Drawn to natural resources studies because of her innate interest in the land, Nick said, “Most people go for the money-making; I wanted to go for what I care about, for things I actually like. This is what I care about.”

Back home in Pilot Station, where Nick’s brother is mayor, she plans to encourage the community to begin a gardening project. Another goal is to help get solar panels in use there. “I could start with our house and keep spreading,” she said. “I see it working. I know there will be a few obstacles but I would like to see a wiser use of technology.

“And I want to make the wisest use of the land.”

Nick is active in the Native Alaskan Business Leaders, Natives for a Positive Change and Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program.

Her advisor, Associate Professor Susan Todd, described Nick as a hard-working, determined student. “She has enthusiasm for school and life,” Todd said. “It is such a thrill to have Native students again. It’s been a while.”

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