Monday, October 8, 2012

Forest Fest draws crowd, even in the rain

Alice Orlich is the new belle of the woods, while Allan Spangler is bull of the woods, determined at the Forest Sports Festival Saturday.

The Oct. 6 Farthest North Forest Sports Festival drew a sizable crowd, regardless of the unseasonable weather. Throughout the 15 years the event has been held, this was the first time organizers had to deal with rain.

The moisture did little to dampen the contestants' enthusiasm.  The overall winning team, Soft Drizzle, came from out town to test their woodsmen skills. Members of the team are Allan Spangler, Adrian Baer, Mike Kelly, Jenni Dewar, Nina Schwinghammer and John Hutch.

The "bull of the woods" is Allan Spangler and the "belle of the woods" is Alice Orlich. A returning champion, Orlich held the title in 2008 but hasn't been able to compete since due to field work each year on an icebreaker.

Other winners were:

ax throw: Allan Spangler and Molly Tedesche
bow saw: Adrian Baier and Ruby Baxter
men's double-buck crosscut saw: Adrian Baier and Allan Spangler
women's double-buck crosscut saw: (3-way tie) Colleen Bue and Claire Woodings, Nina Schwinghammer and Jenni Dewar, Amy Rath and Amanda Byrd
mixed double-buck crosscut saw: Phillip Rohnsaville and Alice Orlich
men's log roll: Phillip Rohnsaville and Travis Moose
women's log roll: Colleen Bue and Nina Schwinghammer
mixed log roll: Alice Orlich and Travis Moose
men's birling: Joe Hunner
women's birling: Amanda Byrd
pulp toss: Soft Drizzle
fire building: Timber

Congratulations to the winners, competitors and volunteers. The festival is held the first Saturday in October each year. Event coordinator is Professor David Valentine, chair of the Forest Sciences Department.

Birling was not without its amusing moments on a chilly October afternoon.

Colleen Bue tries her hand at the ax throwing competition.

Amy Rath saws some wood in the double-buck crosscut event.

The fastest team to build a fire and get a can of water to boil is the winner in the fire building contest.

It may not be the most exciting event but the log roll is a true test of the woodsmen's prowess.

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Jason W Theis said...

I had a fantastic time at the festival this year! Thank you SNRAS, Dave Valentine, and all the volunteers!