Friday, November 20, 2009

"Eating Alaska" to be shown at UAF Tuesday

What happens to a vegetarian who moves to Alaska and marries a commercial fisherman and deer hunter? Find out by watching the film Eating Alaska Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 7 p.m. at UAF's Schaible Auditorium in the Bunnell Building, 303 Tanana Loop East.

Join Ellen Frankenstein on a wry search for a sustainable, healthy, and ethical meal. Women try to teach her to hunt, teens gather traditional foods, vegans give cooking lessons, she fishes for wild salmon, scrutinizes food labels with kids, and finds toxic chemicals getting into wild foods. With humor and compassion, the documentary Eating Alaska shows Natives and non-natives trying to balance buying industrial processed foods with growing their own and living off the land. Made by a former urban vegetarian now living in Sitka, the movie is a journey into regional food traditions, our connection to where we live, and what we put into our mouths.

Eating Alaska has been shown at the Mendocino Film Festival, American Conservation Film Festival, Food for Thought Film Festival, National Food Security Conference, UC Sustainability Conference, Alaska Public Health Summit, and Slow Food Boston.

There is no fee to see the movie, which is being hosted by the Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market. At UAF parking is free in the evenings.

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