Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Food security and local agriculture

An article in the April 9, 2009 editions of newspapers belonging to the Alaska Newspapers, Inc. chain, "The chard's in the mail," was an interesting piece on how vegetables and fruits sold through subscription are distributed by mail throughout Alaska. However, the article confounded the distinction between community supported agriculture and subscription supported agriculture (which have similarities), so we submitted a letter in response, published variously on May 14 as "State's farmers, not vegetables by mail, grow agriculture," or "Defining community agriculture."

Responses to this latter article have revealed more efforts at improving local food security:
• Minty Ruthford in New Stuyahok is working on a community greenhouse and school-community partnerships involving students, community elders, and teachers at Chief Ivan Blunka School;
• Charles Bingham of Sitka sent links to the Sitka Health Summit, which sponsors a farmers' market and a community greenhouse, and has recently set up a Facebook group, the Sitka Local Foods Network;
• Elizabeth Strassburg in Allakaket is working on community agriculture projects;
Anonymous Bloggers has several sections on gardening and food preservation in the Yukon River Basin.

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